‘Faithful Hands’ Farm Tour-Private Tour

Come and engage your senses in our interactive farm tour and learn what we do to run our farm. Visit the gardens and greenhouse and see what we grow. Our hope is that you will leave feeling inspired, encouraged and empowered to try it yourselves.

STANDARD: 1.5 Hours
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Join us in a 90-minute walking tour of a small working farm on the way to Mt. Rainier and close to Northwest Trek. Faithful Hands Farm is on the site of old Faith Dairy (a major milk producing farm in Tacoma's history) 116 acres in size with an unbelievable view of Mt. Rainier. While the farm is relatively large the majority of the action is on only 5 acres. Many things go into running a homestead farm that will be educational and interesting to adults and children alike.  Activities visitors experience will be based on animals raised for food and to sell to help the farm go. We also grow various amounts of fruits, berries, vegetables and flowers. Depending on the time of year you may see some vegetable starts in our greenhouse that we grow from seed as well as flowers and herbs. Every year we are adding and improving on what we have already begun. The following are the types of livestock that are raised on the property: Cows, Sheep, Goats, Alpacas, pigs, Livestock Guardian Dogs, Bees, Turkeys, Ducks, Geese, and Chickens.  Although they are not pets, they are well loved and cared for. On the tour you will interact with the smaller animals, feed and pet them as well as learning what their role is on the farm. The tour guide is an educator with the Washington State Fair Traveling Farm and has been farming and gardening for many years.

Expect to go from pasture to pasture with the farmer/guide as they explain the care and purpose of the animals you come across, feel free to ask questions.  Your experience on the farm will vary depending on the month you come as we are a working farm. Things you could experience include but are not limited to; vegetable and cutting flower gardens, babies being born, milking goats, egg collecting, feeding animals, and sampling crops, and so much more. Photo opportunities throughout the tour!  Come learn where your food comes from and enjoy the view!


Date and Time is Customizable

Tour runs January through December

Things to know before you go

  • You will need to drive to the farm: Graham, WA 98338.
  • What’s Included: 90 min walking tour of the farm, bottled water or soft drinks, you can bring a sack lunch for a pick nick after the tour!
  • What’s Excluded: Meals are not provided; be sure to bring a sack lunch.  Gratuity is appreciated and graciously accepted.
  • What to Wear:  Its a farm so wear shoes, preferably boots, that can get dirty- animals do not use flushable toilets!!
  • Additional Information: Tours start at 10am and/or 1pm
  • Cancellation policy: In order to receive a refund reservation must be cancelled by guest at least 1 day prior to your tour date.